Wireless Services


It is an abbreviation of the words "Education Roaming". Eduroam, working on RADIUS-based 802.1x security standard, aims seamless network usage of users of eduroam member institutions in other member educational institutions. The user of an eduroam member institution can use his/her username and password duo to connect to another member institution's eduroam wireless network. Boğaziçi University has been one of the eduroam member education institutions since 2012.

This network is published for the primary use of university members. Access speed is 15 Mbps download / 10 Mbps upload.

For more information please visit eduroam.boun.edu.tr.


It is published for access to guides that allow non-Internet users to connect to the eduroam network. To access the site eduroam.boun.edu.tr from this network, your DNS configuration must be set up automatically.


Guest wireless network, which is used since 2018, is a service that can be benefitted at only Boğaziçi University campuses by relatives of Boğaziçi University members, company representatives and guest students. Access speed is symmetrical 5 Mbps.

For more information, please connect to "Boun_Guest" and visit guest.cc.boun.edu.tr. On the page, 1 day internet access is provided by filling the relevant sections: Name, Surname and TR GSM number.

Eduroam Guest:

Eduroam Guest is a platform to define internet access for guests of the University. If you need to use wireless for a longer period of time, you need to use the Eduroam-Guest guest identification service and it allows you to connect to the eduroam network within the boundaries of our university.

Academic staff or their authorized representatives can make their guest account descriptions at eduroam-guest.boun.edu.tr. The guest account can be added to the page by filling in the relevant sections (Name, Surname, general e-mail, usage range, justification).